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Water Reimagined: Celebrating World Water Day

celebrating world water day tips

Did you know that March 22nd is World Water Day? To help you celebrate and take better care of this precious resource, The Ecology Center is sharing some tips and simple solutions designed to inspire change and reduce your water footprint. Read on to check out what you can do on to support their mission on World Water Day, and really everyday!

Celebrating Wold Water Day: What You Can Do!

celebrating world water day tips and advice

  • Use reusable – Using a reusable water bottle can save 1 gallon of water daily. Request your One Less Plastic Bottle sticker and pledge to ditch disposable water bottles.
  • Conscious Consumption – Buy less and buy products that are built to last. An average t-shirt can cost up to 650 gallons to produce. Give old things new life, recycle and reuse.
  • Turn off the tap – When brushing teeth or washing dishes you could save 8 gallons per day. Or collect cold shower water with a Tubtrug.
  • Brick it – By placing a brick in your toilet’s water tank you can save ¼ every time you flush and 2 gallons per day.
  • Eat less meat – It takes up to 1600 gallons to feed, process, transport and store 1 lb of meat. Swap meat for greens a couple times a week and save thousands of gallons.
  • Ditch your lawn, grown your own – Replace your lawn with native plants or a garden.
  • Build Your Own Water-Light Toolkit with Reusable utensils, Reusable water bottle, Cloth tote bag, Bee’s wrap, Stainless steel tiffin and a Tubtrug

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