Toothpaste with Vitamins? I’m Intrigued

Toothpaste with Vitamins? I’m Intrigued

Vitaminpaste Toothpaste with Vitamins? We're Intrigued

Wellness isn’t all or nothing. There are little things we can do everyday to change our behaviors an incorporate healthy living into our lives. For me that’s slowly cutting our sugar (it’s a long process) or trying a new workout to make my body and mind stronger. There are also tons of products that we can swap for those we have used for years for enhanced health and wellness. One such product our family has been trying is Vitaminpaste. Now, don’t get me wrong I was skeptical, cause, vitamins in toothpaste? Do we really need that?

After trying it out for 30 days, I can attest that it does stack up and I actually prefer its mild flavor that provides tons of benefits. Developed by Bruce Golden, D.D.S, a New York-based dentist Vitaminpaste and Vitaminpaste Kids are both fluoride-free toothpastes that deliver essential vitamins.

In addition to the added vitamins, the adult line provides zinc, selenium, manganese and works to whiten teeth, fight tartar and decay, and freshen breath. Other benefits that I love: the line isn’t tested on animals (nor does it contain animal derivatives), it is gluten-free, and it is fluoride-free.

As for the kiddos, the multivitamin kids’ toothpaste, designed for kids four and up, delivers at least 50% of essential vitamins, along with calcium to make it easier for kids to get some of their daily vitamins as well as being safer to swallow. Dr. Golden noted, “Of course, daily cleansing is vital to tooth and gum health, but it occurred to me that that we could take it a step further. Why not add vitamins into the routine? Since it can sometimes be difficult to get children to eat their vegetables and fruits, the act of brushing could be a great way to help supplement their vitamin intake.”

Additionally, according to Dr. Golden, toothpaste developed for children has traditionally focused on artificial coloring and flavors and parents have learned to shop for the products that feature sparkles and cartoon characters, but he explains, there is more to it than appealing to kids. “I challenged myself to develop a multitasking toothpaste. Tooth decay continues to be an ongoing problem in kids, along with vitamin deficiencies. I looked at the whole picture and developed Vitaminpaste Kids to be used as a dietary supplement that you can brush your teeth with and is safe to swallow. In addition, I did not add fluoride because a dietary supplement cannot contain drugs and I am concerned that children may be getting over-fluoridated.”

A simple thing to add to my wellness routine, Vitaminpaste makes it easy to enhance your daily toothbrushing with a boost of benefits.

Vitaminpaste Kids (4.1 oz tube) $5.99 and Vitaminpaste (4.1 oz tube) $5.99 are available at, and select local food and drug chains.

I was provided with samples for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.