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Vegan Diet for Clear Skin?

Vegan Diet for Clear Skin?

It’s crazy to think how much my skin controls my day-to-day life. I cancel plans. I go to bed early to slab on creams, hoping for a better tomorrow. I try not to let the dots control my life, but the realty is they do and they always have since I was 14 or so. They make me feel small, less than who I am. They diminish my confidence. And what’s worse is that I feel like I’ve tried everything! Tried every cream and potion and lotion but they keep coming back. And at almost 40 (ok, I have two years to go) I don’t want to live like this anymore.

While I do pride myself on being healthy. I exercise six times a week and eat well, I am totally and completely stressed out. I don’t sleep that much and I sometimes make bad food choices, so the work, as they say, is on me.

And while I don’t know if this is the answer, I’ve decided to try a vegan diet to help cure my skin. As a big believer, in ‘we are what we eat’ I really think there is something to eliminating dairy, which has been another journey I have been embarking on.

This, along with more sleep and better products, will hopefully give me control over my skin. But like anything with health and wellness, it’s a long journey to the end. I’ll be sharing my progress in a weekly skin diary and would love any tips/insight you may have about you skincare journey.

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