Sworkit: Cool New Personalized Workout App

Sworkit: Cool New Workout App


Spring has officially sprung but that doesn’t mean that the weather has been jiving with those much-needed spring vibes. In NYC, this has been a collection of rainy days and cold days that has us longing for the warmer weather. Another annoyance to this dreary situation is how challenging it is to get out and exercise, which can be particularly painful if you’re an outdoor runner (like us). One way that we have been trying to still get our sweat on is by checking out some new fitness apps and online workouts. Not all are the same, and today we are sharing more about the latest fitness app called Sworkit, a personalized video workout where you can have your own personal trainer from over 20 pre-built workouts. Read on to check out more about this fitness app to see if it’s something that could work for you!

Sworkit: Breaking Down the Basics of the App

Sworkit: Breaking Down the Basics of the App

No equipment necessary: Every exercise is done completely free of equipment. The portability of it allows your Sworkit exercise routine to complete anytime, anywhere.

Follow along in real time: The app makes it easy to follow along with each exercise in your custom playlist. A trainer demonstrates each exercise in real time for Sworkit users to mimic.

Unique custom settings: Sworkit offers many customizable options. Each user can choose an area of focus (strength, cardio, yoga, stretching), and the amount of time that they want their workout to last. The app then compiles a unique exercise playlist to fit its users current needs.

Premium Version: Sworkit Premium provides a new first-of-its-kind feature with their Workout Builder. The Workout Builder gives users the power to filter their workouts by difficulty, category, stance, impact level, and focus area, along with the ability to share their workouts with others. Users are able to build new workouts, customize and save existing workouts, and even import workouts from other programs. A free 7-day trial version is available.

Kid Friendly Version: Sworkit Kids is a great way to keep the whole family moving and healthy, even on those rainy spring days. Much like the regular app, Sworkit Kids allows users to choose an area of focus. Recommended for children 5-14, Sworkit Kids offers fun exercises targeted toward kids like crab walks and ‘tightrope’ walking. The app is meant to help kids develop healthy habits from a young age by showing how fun exercising can be.

For more information, please visit: https://sworkit.com