Review: The Little Book of Self-Healing

Review: The Little Book of Self-Healing

Healing the self. Self healing. It’s both complicated and simple, requiring work, time, and diligence. But it is possible. For all of us.

In The Little Book of Self-Healing (out now), author Nneka M. Okona distills this process through with over 150+ practices for the mind, body, and soul.

This includes one-page gems to help you to recognize the signs your body gives you, achieve the right balance for your mental and physical needs, and feel empowered as you take an active role in your healing. This includes full body and mindful practices such as looking into your ancestors, managing your eye health, tending to your joints, planning an inner child date, pondering who you are, focusing on your senses, and starting anew, to name a few soul-awakening and beautiful practices.

The book is divided into ways to heal the mind, body, and spirit aka the complete person. These practices help readers go deep into themselves without having to spend a lot of money; it is all inner work that we all can do to heal and nourish ourselves.

While everyone’s healing journey is different, the book is a great resource to tap into whenever you need it, checking in with some of the practices and mixing it up with new things every now and again. As Okona noted, “the path to self-healing is fluid and ever changing” and this book provides a fantastic resource that we all need to truly care for ourselves, heal, and feel our best every day.


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