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The Hemp Bars We are Loving Right Now

The Hemp Bars We are Loving Right Now

Hemp has become quite the popular mainstream ingredient over the past few years. Now, you can find it in everything from snacks to protein bars–and everything in between. We recently sampled one of the latest lines of clean protein bars and hemp seeds from Humming […]

Hyland’s Introduces New Teen Collection

Hyland’s Introduces New Teen Collection

The teen years aren’t easy. From mounting social pressures to stress at school, teens typically have a host of things on their mind, including having to deal with new changes in their bodies. For some, this leads to acne, intense cramping, irritability, aches, and sleeplessness, […]

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

I’m obsessed with drinking water. I’m always the person with a bottle (or two) of water by my side. An essential that we all need, not all water is created equally.

Since water is an essential part of all of our lives, it crucial to drink the very best filtered water. In fact, a study recently found that 93% of bottled water that was tested contained microplastics which is twice the amount found in tap water.

I’ve recently been upgrading my drinking game with a new filtration system called ZeroWater. Essentially, this simple unit is a five-stage ion exchange filtration system that removes dissolved solids from water and microplastics from water.

Through its innovative technology, it removes impurities such as heavy metals, lead, sulfide, chromium and more that provides a crisp glass of water that lasts for around 20 gallons.

This is the largest capacity dispenser on the market and features a convenient push-to-dispense spout. Bonus: it easily fits into a refrigerator shelf and has both a push spout and a pour option for easy dispensing!

Find ZeroWater online.



Gluten-Free Goodness Abounds at the Little Beet, A New Eatery in Greenwich

Gluten-Free Goodness Abounds at the Little Beet, A New Eatery in Greenwich

I’m always that person who scopes out the healthier options in restaurants, and, thankfully, there’s so many more ways to score healthy bites with gluten-free and vegan places popping up all over New York and Connecticut. One such eatery is the new Little Beet Table […]

high Beauty: A Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil-Based Beauty Line

high Beauty: A Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil-Based Beauty Line

CBD oil has certainly made its way into mainstream culture rather quickly. As an on-going education into what it is, we were excited to learn more about something totally different that offers a host of benefits for the skin. A Cannabis sativa seed oil-based beauty line, […]

Get to Know More about Veritas Farms

Get to Know More about Veritas Farms

There is much talk about CBD and hemp out there. With a long list of benefits and easier accessibility, hemp and CBD has become much sough-after products. But can you know what’s good and how one brand is different from the next. We have been testing Veritas Farms, a brand that has products that are made from the non-intoxicating compounds (no psycho-active effects) from the hemp plant, including CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules, CBD Lotions and much more. Read on to learn more about them below:

Interview with Veritas Farms

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea for Veritas Farms come about?

Veritas Farms: Five years ago, our CEO and co-founder Alexander Salgado recognized the huge opportunity of the burgeoning CBD market. Alexander foresaw the challenges that would arise around quality and transparency, so he and our co-founders bought a 140-acre plot of cattle grazing land and establish a fully vertically integrated company that would offer customers a solution from those challenges facing the industry.

Wellness Patterns: How are you different from what’s out there?

Veritas Farms: Veritas Farms is one of the few fully vertically integrated companies in the industry – meaning we own our farm, extraction process, manufacturing and even fulfillment. Our products come straight from the farm to your door step. This means you’re going to receive one of the most fresh, transparent and quality products.

Wellness Patterns: What exactly is full-spectrum hemp oil?

Veritas Farms:  Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is the complete oil extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant so that all of the cannabinoids present in the plant like CBD, CBG, CBN and even a little THC, along with terpenes and other beneficial plant molecules are present in the oil. The cannabinoids and terpenes, when present together, act synergistically to amply each-other’s effects, known as the “entourage effect.” The difference in full spectrum hemp oil is that it provides the entourage effect which is the interdependent action of the various hemp phytocannabinoids on the human endocannabinoid system, which research indicates provides the optimal physical benefits.

Wellness Patterns: What benefits does your products offer?

Veritas Farms: Made from the non-intoxicating compounds (no psycho-active effects) from the hemp plant, CBD is known to promote wellness and keep people resilient to changes in their environment. Its main benefit is the promotion of homeostasis within the body, by helping to maintain the balance of the endocannabinoid system.

Wellness Patterns: Tell us about your farm in Colorado.

Veritas Farms: Veritas Farms 140-acre farm and production facilities is located in Pueblo, Colorado. Here, we control all of our own growing, extracting, manufacturing, and bottling to ensure the quality, potency, and freshness of our products. We grow our hemp similar to a quality vineyard, giving quality attention to each plant while using drip irrigation to provide precise hydration and conserve pure Rocky Mountain water.

We are committed to our community, sourcing locally whenever possible. ​We practice sustainable farming methods, reducing our impact on the land, remembering that future generations of farmers will follow us. We never use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and create our own organic fertilizer that helps balance the local ecosystem. We are part of the sustainable agricultural revolution; the phytocannabinoid Hemp farm revolution; and Colorado farmers who say they are “Colorado Proud.”

To keep pace with the visible demand and our anticipated growth, we have recently made several significant improvements to our farming infrastructure and operations at our farm that are expected to increase overall hemp flower production by up to five times for the current 2019 outdoor planting season.

Some of these changes include amending our fields with Organic Materials Review Institute certified products and implementing subsurface irrigation. We expect these changes will improve the overall health and quality of the soil, and will also help increase the cannabinoid, terpene content as well as floral yield.

Wellness Patterns: What products should someone new to CBD try out?

Veritas Farms: Our most popular product is our 1000mg peppermint tincture. Equally as popular is our 400mg cooling menthol salve and 400mg lavender/eucalyptus salve. Our lip balm is incredibly popular too! We also offer capsules, lotions and even products for your pets!

Wellness Patterns: Anything else to add?

Veritas Farms: Visit www.theveritasfarms.com or follow @veritasfarmsofficial on Instagram! We’ve got great educational and product content, along with some fun interactive content too.

Nourish the Skin From Within with ODNOVA

Nourish the Skin From Within with ODNOVA

The worlds of health and beauty go hand-in-hand when you are on the journey to wellness. We recently had the chance to test out ODNOVA, a brand that focuses on that products that focus on harmony, balance, and feeling centered. Using a blend of nutrient-dense botanicals, […]

Interview with the Founders of Blume aka Our New Favorite Brand

Interview with the Founders of Blume aka Our New Favorite Brand

I’ve had acne since I was 14. Pimples have always been apart of my life, which has been increasingly depressing as I’ve gotten older where I’ve tried anything to just make them go away. From expensive creams to prescriptions from the dermatologists, nothing really worked. […]

New Potions, Juices and Fitness Programs I’ve Added to My AM Routine

New Potions, Juices and Fitness Programs I’ve Added to My AM Routine

I used to hate mornings. I mean, like really, really detest them but since becoming a mom the name of the game is maximizing my time. My time at work, my time with my kids and my time alone. And for me, the best way to get in any sort of time for myself is in the morning. That doesn’t mean every morning is all sunshine and rose,  but overtime my AM routine has gotten less painful where, dare I say it, I actually like to start my day before the sun comes up. Along the way, there have also been some adjustments to the morning grind where I’ve added new products, juices and workouts along the way. Here’s what’s working for my morning routine right now.

What’s Working for My AM Routine (Right Now):

Morning Routine: Workouts, Oils, Juices That Help Me Stay Healthy


Get moving: Exercise is so important in my fast-moving world. I prefer to start my day with a run (usually around five miles) but when I can’t I go (hey, old man winter), I’ll LOVE taking classes at OrangeTheory or I’ll workout at home if I can’t commit to a full hour, or just plain exhausted. Lately, I’ve been testing out the GOLD’S AMP,the digital fitness platform from Gold’s Gym where I can get in 30-minute workouts at home. The app dubbed as “your digital personal trainer” combines the 50 years (!) of Gold’s Gym fitness expertise where users can workout with coaches through 100+ workouts. This includes workouts for every fitness level and interest where you can find 12 types of cardio workouts, strength workouts, and an awesome collection of DJ mixes to get you moving in the comfort of your home. They also have core, stretching and meditation workouts in the mix if you don’t want full-on cardio.

morning routine with celery juice


Morning liquids: I have officially jumped on the celery juice bandwagon and I think you will too after you check out the benefits of this wonder food. I drink 160z of celery juice after my workout, a big glass of water and usually some coffee (no sugar) with nutpods and Vital Proteins powder.

morning routine with black seed oil

Oils: I’m always open to try to new oils and extracts for my health, so I was intrigued when I heard about Black Seed Oil, a herbal blend that’s prized for its high nutrient content, such as aiding weight loss, improving skin conditions, and even treating cancer and diabetes.

For the past month or so, I’ve been trying the Black Seed Oil in a pill form and as an oil from Zatik Naturals to see what this new wonder oil is all about. The unrefined Black Seed Oil from Zatik Naturals is high in Omega 6 and Omega 9, formulated with certified organic ingredients, and made using a small batch process where they only fill what they sell to maintain freshness and highest quality. Additionally, they use Genuine Egyptian Seed (Geographical location determines the highest potency of the thymoquinone and antioxidant content in the oil) in their Black Seed products and packaged in ultraviolet blue bottles to protect from UV damage. At first I was thrown off by the intense taste of the cold-pressed oil (think pepper and cumin) but I’ve gotten used to it and have since been enjoying it both straight and in my smoothies.

Vitamins: I’ll admit it: I saw Rital Vitamins plastered all over my Facebook feed and I was intrigued by these “pretty vitamins.” After reading up on them, I decided to give these see-through vitamins a go and have been loving then for the past six months or so. In addition to the convenience factor (they get delivered to my door every month), they are packed with nine essentials vitamins, such as Iron, Omega 3, Vitamin E, and more, which overtime is said to help build a stronger foundation for health, such as to help maintain energy, immunity and the skin. I also take Vitamin C and another Omega 3 capsule during the day to help heal my skin.


Getting ready: Post shower, I brush with vitaminpaste and recently have been using InstaNatural as a way to help my skin. I’ve read that VitaminC can help with dark spots and the Vitamin C Trio has been a great way to test this out. The 30-Day Starter Kit includes a cleansing facial wash with Organic Chamomile, a serum and a moisturizer are infused with natural oils such as Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sunflower Oil. It is also said to help with wrinkles, discoloration, skin tone, prevent the appearance of aging and defend from environmental aggressors. I’ve been loving how gentle it is on my skin, especially the serum that leaves my skin looking brighter in the morning. I’ll have a more detailed report soon on all of the Vitamin C products I’ve been using for my skin soon.

7:30am (or so!)

The eating time can vary when the kiddos wake up and they need what they need RIGHT NOW. I try to nosh on some almonds as I get their breakfast ready and then usually have 1/2 of an avocado with some salmon or pomegranates, or sometimes a rice cake with peanut butter and chia seeds. Honestly, though, with three kiddos every day is completely different and equally intense after they wake up. While I don’t love eating on-the-go, it’s really the only thing that works right now.

What are some of the key products in your morning routine? 




Online Therapy: Does it Work?

Online Therapy: Does it Work?

We live in a fast-paced go, go, go world. We want more time but can never seem to find it, which, in the long-term can affect our health. The online world, however, opens up a plethora of ways to squeeze out more time in our […]

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