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Natural Beauty Essentials We Love

Beauty Essentials We Love

In our journey to living more naturally, we’ve found that some of the hardest changes can be in with finding alternatives to our old school beauty products. As children of the ’80s and ’90s, natural wasn’t really a mainstream thang that we’ve since been figuring out along the way. While natural beauty products are more readily available, it can still be challenging to find replacements or even find natural beauty essentials that aren’t ridiculously overpriced. But that doesn’t stop us from searching and testing until we find the right natural beauty essentials, that dare we say it, are better than those overproduced sistahs?! Not convinced? Check out some of our recent faves and be sure to add some of your favorite natural beauty essentials to the mix in the comments section.

Natural Beauty Essentials We Love

1. Thesis Face Wash

Despite trying to eat as healthy as possible, our skin can sometimes be finicky a.k.a break out in zits! To help with that, we’ve starting to mimize the use of harsh ingredients by using the Thesis Balancing Daily Harmony Face Wash. Formulated with an incredible list of good-for-you ingredients like organic Tea Tree, Geranium, Petitgrain, Peppermint and Eucalyptus (tell us more!), we just love how gentle this formula is as it works (over time) to reduce blemishes. Major bonus: it won’t dry out your skin!

2. Savon by Olivia Care Soap

A recent find at Target (all hail the white bullseye), this natural and cruelty-free (hooray!) soap is formulated with natural olive oil to essentially just clean without stripping our skin. Olivia Care has tons of other natural products that you should also be checking out, including their awesome face and body line.

3. Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil

Another Target find, this oil has been incredible savior of sorts for those ‘serenity now’ evenings. We also love the light scent of the oil that’s especially awesome to apply post-shower. It’s also a definite must to squash winter dryness.

4. The Gnarly Whale Body Spray

Brooklyn-based Gnarly Whale (represent!) is one of our favorites when it comes to natural body sprays. Featuring flavors like Vanilla Chai, Pumpkin, Lumberjack, Fresh Snow and more, their body sprays are alcohol-free and won’t dry out your skin, or alternatively cause you to break out into hives. We also love the light and subtle scent that has moisturizing additives to leave your skin soft and smooth! Oh, yea!

5. Stress Less Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub

Washing our cares away has never been better thanks to the Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub from Organic Bath Co. This Stress Less formula (yes, please!) is formulated with almond, apricot, sunflower and calming lavender oils that really works to make our skin super soft! Cool fact – this brand makes their products in small batches!

6. Tartan + Twine Bag

And to hold all of these natural beauty essentials, we have been housing them in the ever stylish Tartan+Twine cosmetic bags. We are all about the Elysian Grey Beauty Case that contains one large compartment for your makeup and natural beauty goodies. Perfect for travel or storage, the case is gorgeously constructed, sturdy and cute! What else do you need in a cosmetic bag?!

We were given some samples for review purposes.


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