Morning Boost with CBD Living Instant Coffee 

Morning Boost with CBD Living Instant Coffee 

It’s all about the coffee these days. With this extended time at home, you might be finding that you need an extra boost of java which are totally all about. These days, we’ve been enjoying this classic drink but with a twist thanks to CBD Living Instant Coffee, a blend made of 7mg of US-grown organic hemp and 100% Colombian Arabica coffee.

The line includes three flavors (OriginalGolden Milk and Matcha), all of which are super easy to prepare and ready in minutes. This huge for those groggy mornings or when you just need a mid-day pick me up fast!

To make a cup of delicious coffee, you simply have to boil water (you can also add cold water) and then add one teaspoon of the coffee to a cup and stir. How easy is that?

While the taste is different from your regular cup of Joe, we quickly got used to and love the additional benefits of having a daily dose of CBD and the convenience of instant coffee. Additionally, the CBD Living Instant Coffee is vegan, gluten-free, THC-free and non-GMO.’

A welcome addition to our routine, CBD Living Instant Coffee is exactly what you need to start the day.

Check out more about CBD Living Instant Coffee here.

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