Interview with Maharani, A Modern-Day Monk and Author of the New Book Whole-A**

Interview with Maharani, A Modern-Day Monk and Author of the New Book Whole-A**

“In a way, I wrote the book I hope I had read when I was younger,” says Maharani of her vibrant new book, Whole-A**: Stop living a half-A**ed life and enjoy an extraordinary existence. So you can play your part in making the world a better place.

Chock full of practical wisdom, humor and personal anticodes, the book serves as a guide, showing reading how growth, accomplishment, joy, connection, and truly feeling life are all habits you can develop, and live better.

A perfect read for anyone who is craving peace (but living a too half-assed life to ever experience it), the book highlights practical tips for readers to rediscover how to go beyond perceived limitations, fears or doubts by identifying the types of people we need to be right now to not just improve our lives, but the world around us and restore our faith in humanity in the process.

Throughout the book, readers will learn how to identify if you are “half-A**ing” life, the negative habits of being “half-A**ed, the importance of giving back to the world, and the profound effect it can have on your life, to name a few nuggets. A must-read book, we chatted with Maharani to learn more about her, the inspiration for the book and more insight on how to stop living a half-assed life.

Interview with Maharani, A Modern-Day Monk and Author of the New Book Whole-A**

Interview with Maharani, A Modern-Day Monk and Author of the New Book Whole-A**

Wellness Patterns: What made want to you write this book?

Maharani: Honestly, I believe in Heaven on Earth and I think every human desires a life of contentment. I see how we have been disconnected from our inner divinity and it reflects out there. I wanted to write this book as a message to shake things up, remind people of what they are here to do, and get on with healing the world.

I’ve always been passionate, but not always my passion had been directed toward the betterment of humanity; sometimes that passion almost burst me into flames! I sense there are a lot of people out there, with the same level of passion, but a bit lost on how to direct it properly to propel their life into greatness and service. From my own experience, I know how frustrating it can feel to know you are here to do something but you can’t find the way. It can make you feel like you are wasting your life away or in a never-ending search.

In a way, I wrote the book I hope I had read when I was younger.

Wellness Patterns: What does it mean to live a “whole-assed” life?

Maharani: It means to live with greatness in every aspect of your life, starting with the inward journey. To give everything you’ve got to this life with an open heart and connected to the inner source of divinity.

Waking up every morning excited for the day ahead, open to grow constantly out of your comfort zone,  with your attention fully resting in the present moment. Willing to dance with the greater will and to become one with the Universe.

A great life, for me, is not necessarily having and achieving everything in your list. It’s all about the inner experience and the love affair with the divine. In that reconciliation with the divinity within, a truly great life, shows up for you. And it’s always filled with purpose.

Wellness Patterns: In the book you talk a lot about courage, how can people tap into their courage if they have been through a trauma?

Maharani: I believe that most people go through trauma in their lives and that human nature is naturally courageous. We have an incredible ability to adapt and overcome the situations presented to us. Sometimes, we believe we are too broken and that healing is impossible to us.

Part of this book is meant to be a message of hope, to tell everyone out there that healing is possible and overcoming trauma too. Once there is hope, courage enables us to leap and try again.

That´s why I talk so much throughout the book about the recognition of the Consciousness within as the main pillar. Once we start reconnecting with the divine, we reconnect with the source of power within, we start feeling safe again. That safety enables us to be courageous, because we know we are taken care of, so we allow ourselves to let go.

Wellness Patterns: What are some ways people can stop sabotaging their joy and passion?

Maharani: The most important thing is to change your relationship with your mind, with the voice in our head that sounds like us. This voice tends to be very violent, and when we believe it to be true, it sucks the joy and passion out of us. If the voice says. “We feel great today”, we obey. If it says “I won´t be able to do this”, we obey. This is the source of most of our suffering. This voice has directed our lives for years and years!

In the book, I urge you to discover the peace beyond the thinking mind. Our nature is joy, passion, peace. When we learn to not take our thoughts seriously or personally, we naturally thrive. Imagine a life in which whatever your inner discourse said, you would always feel joyful and kept going forward!

Stop taking yourself so seriously! What if nothing that happened around you was about you?

Wellness Patterns: What do you hope people will get from the book?

Maharani: A reconnection with their innate passion for life. Hope to pursue their life´s purpose and to make this life worth living. I hope people desire to reconnect with their divinity within, which to me is the secret ingredient in making life the best it can be. A reminder that we are all connected and that we are all needed in service to create Heaven on Earth.

I hope people remember their greatness and recognize that THEY are important. I hope to create a revolution of love. Everyone is needed to heal the world, but we have to start with ourselves first.

Wellness Patterns: Anything else to add?

Maharani: I hope everyone that reads this realizes that they aren´t broken. There is no such thing as a broken human being. We have simply forgotten who really are. We have been walking away from the present moment, where the divine lives. It’s time to return home. It’s time to wake up from the illusion that we are separate.

In the field that exists beyond the mind, peace, joy and love abide. This is your nature. This is everyone’s nature.

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