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How to Wake Up at 5am (and Not Dread it)

Like most people, I’m busy and I hate to use that as an excuse for not being able to get everything done but it is. And while I love the madness that is my life balancing the unbalanceable world of work/kids, I’m also desperately trying to reclaim some precious me time back into my life! One way that I’ve sort of be tapping into doing more for myself is by waking up almost everyday at 5am. Yes, 5am, an idea that even a few months prior would have seemed like a cruel joke. With some careful planning –basically mental prep work–I’ve been able to reclaim some precious time for myself. But it wasn’t easy and took some time to get used to the early mornings. Check out what worked for me to get some back into your life:

How to Wake Up Early

how to wake early

  1. Go to bed early! Well, this goes without saying but it isn’t easy, especially if you have some night owl roots. I really struggled with this one in the beginning because there is always something to do around the house or for work, clean or watch. But I was also realizing that when I stayed up late TV bingeing the night away, I woke up annoyed, tired and drained –all before the day started. To prep for waking up early, I had to make myself go to sleep early and shut down. That meant no phones, no TV, no doing stuff around the house. What helped in the beginning (and now) is to read at night, which is way more relaxing that starring at screens. I also make it a point to shut off the lights anywhere from 9:30-10:00pm. After a few days of waking at 5am, you’ll want you!
  2. Cut out late night eating. I used to be in the ice cream (cookies, candy) club after the kids went to bed. It felt like a reward for surviving bedtime, cause, ya know, it’s hard! While the instant sugar fix was awesome, it left me feeling groovy, wired and lethargic. Now I try to end my night with a cup of tea and that book. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall state of mind when I don’t go sugar happy at night.
  3. Make a plan. You probably have a revering list of what you want to do with your me time brewing in your head but it’s crucial to have a very specific outline of what you want to accomplish during your AM hour (or hours). And, no, mindlessly looking online shouldn’t be a part of this. Whatever your goal is: plot it (putting it in my calendar helps me) and literally do it. For me, this is usually the time when I run, go to the gym or write. After the initial hardship of waking up early, I’m now excited and energized in the morning as I know that I’m tackling very specific goals that I plotted for myself.
  4. Enjoy coffee (or tea) and soak in the silence. I’m not (and probably) will never be someone in the ‘no coffee’ club. And that’s ok! As of late, I love the quiet mornings with a cup of Wicked Joe Organic Coffee. The Bella Maria line is everything and I just love this lighter blend featuring hints of berries and chocolate. This family-owned company also offers a complete range of other blends (with cheeky names) such as Wicked French, Wicked Italian, Jamaican Me Crazy and more! As a brand they are committed to producing exceptional coffees using sustainable business practices from crop-to-cup, featuring Organic and FairTrade beans purchased directly from farmers and cooperatives across the globe. Awesome, right! It’s the perfect blend for the early hours or for a midday pick-me-up.
  5. Prepare for setbacks. Waking up early everyday isn’t all sunshine and roses. It’s hard, it sucks, it’s not easy and on and on. Prepare to have days when you sleep-in (hooray for 6am) and give your body (and mind a rest). Just be sure that your ‘recharge’ day doesn’t become your new norm. Use that time for what it is and prepare to wake up early the next day as you get back into your new routine. Plot out your ‘days off’ on your calendar if that’s easier for your goal-setting.
  6. Reward yourself. Look waking up early is painful but it gets easier after every time you haul your butt out of the warm confines of your blanket. Treat yourself after you’ve done it consistently for a few weeks and continue to up the ante of your reward. However, as you know, waking up and reclaiming your me time is really the ultimate prize.

As someone who used to hate mornings, I now really love how much waking up early has allowed me to re-focus, take back my time, and essentially given me a piece of my life back.


Do you wake up early? What do you to prepare?

We were provides samples of the coffee for review. All opinions are our own.

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