How to Cope with Stress & Anxiety

How to Cope with Stress & Anxiety

We are a stressed out and anxious nation. This is especially true during the challenging time of COVID-19. To help alleviate some stress, we enlisted the help of Phyllicia Bonanno, a certified yoga instructor and W Hotels Fuel Guru  on how to stay well at home. Read on to check out her tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety right now.

How to Copy with Stress & Anxiety

Meditate: Everyday and even more during these times of uncertainty. There is so much going on in our lives that we cannot control, but one thing we can control is our self and our response. With that I believe it is so important to take time for ourselves, even if It is just five minutes. Take a moment to turn off the television. It is awesome to be aware of what is going on, but hearing the same thing on repeat can lead to fear and panic. So get the necessary news and then turn it off. Find a quiet space and just sit and breath. The most important thing is recognizing that you are important, and you are worthy of your own time- literally the most worthy of it. The breathe that we have is so powerful and taking control of that is the first step. Taking time to meditate has helped me clear my thoughts, and  have a calmer energy in everything that I do.

Ritual and routine: I have been working from home like many others. What I have been doing to maintain myself is I created a schedule of daily tasks to get done so that I know I have a ritual and routine for each day.  I wake up at the same time I would any other day and get dressed as if I was going to work. Taking care of myself in the same manner, not skipping a beat. Otherwise I could quickly get into the feeling of being “stuck” inside. Make sure you schedule a lot time for meditation breaks and movement. Instead of focusing on being stuck, having a ritual and routine has helped me switch my mindset feeling grateful for everyday, putting in the best I have to offer.

Yoga: I normally practice yoga at a studio, however during this time I have increased my home practice. I set aside a time daily to practice. I have space dedicated to my yoga mat and props, a space that is just for me to flow in.

Doing yoga at home has helped me to balance my mind, body and soul. Also I am able to work a bit more internally and on my own goals at home. Any physical activity is so important, to keep the blood flowing, and the joints and muscles active.

Caring for my indoor plants: Caring for my plants always instantly boost my mood. They add vibrant flashes of green to my space. I am mesmerized by the small transitions of growth that the plants reveal each day. Nature is so amazing and I love that I can be a part of it by caring for my plants. Spring is here so I will soon be repotting a few of my plants. I tend to them weekly by watering and checking up on them. Plus a lot of plants naturally clean the air by absorbing toxins and release oxygen.

You can also check out Phyllicia’s online Chakra Sound Bath course with a two-week free trial.

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