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New Must-Have: Hello Aglow Clear Skin Elixir

Hello Aglow Clear Skin Elixir

Having problem skin sucks. There’s really no way to get around that fact. As someone who has had a dot pop up on her skin since she was 15-years-old, I’ve been on a mission to better understand my finicky skin to figure out how to treat, and hopefully eventually heal it! Diet has been a huge factor in changing the way my skin looks (and feels!) as I’m still continuing to figure out what foods cause flare-ups and which ones my skin is cool with. But even with my love of kale salads and trying so, so hard to break-up with ice cream, I still occasionally break out!

So, in the quest to calm down the flare-ups and bumps, I’ve also been vigilant about seeking out products that clear up my skin, and hopefully help not to leave any scars in their wakes. An issue that’ve noticed with over-the-counter acne products is that they are super harsh, often leaving my skin red, tingly, and even burning. Yikes! Since I try to eat as healthy and with organic foods as much as possible, it makes sense that my beauty regime follows suit, which is how I recently found out about the Clear Skin Elixir from Hello Aglow.

This overnight pink clay mask has been a wonder! Containing no (as in zero) Parabens or Pegs, the elixir (don’t you just love that word?!) contains 19 whole, plant and organic ingredients such as French pink clay, coral, and raspberry seed oil that works to smooth and refine your pores. Having been using this product for a few weeks, I am loving how it calms down my oily skin as it works to regulate my skin and crazy oil levels. Having tried tons of products in the past, I love how it doesn’t burn or irritate my skin where I wake up with smoother skin that’s way less irritated and red. It is also said to reduce enlarged pores, scars, and inflammation, so I can’t wait to continue to use it to see those results. Great for skin that’s sensitive, blemish Prone, oily, and mature, you simply have to apply a layer of the gentle mask to your skin as it helps to hydrate and provide nutrients to your face.

While this mask is a higher price point ($49 per bottle), I found that it’s worth it because it is actually working! And it contains natural ingredients that aren’t causing my skin to freak out.

And when you sign up, you’ll get a really informative Healthy Skin from Hello Aglow that I often reference as I continue my path to clearer skin.

Check out Hello Aglow at https://helloaglow.com/

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