Some Ways to Give Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Donation Ideas

Before you are barely stuffed from Thanksgiving the slew of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Totally Annoying Tuesday have probably been starting to bombard you. Personally, we hate the consumerism and commercialization of the holidays but there is little to stop the buy this, get this world that we live in. That is except for Giving Tuesday.

As a global day started by the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y that’s fueled by social media, community, individuals, collaboration and various organizations to give celebrate and encourage giving back. Sounds awesome, right?! So, how do you get involved?  It’s quite simple, actually. Read on to check out some ways that you can get involved in the Giving Tuesday movement on the 29th and beyond:

Giving Back this Giving Tuesday

  1. Check out their directory: Giving Tuesday created an awesome directory via their ‘What’s Happening Near Me?’ section where you will find of local organizations, charities, events, and more so that you can give back in your very own community. And this doesn’t mean donating a huge chunk of your money. Many people get thrown off my charitable contributions if they don’t have that much money themselves. If you are tight on cash (we are, too!), simply give what you can or even volunteer your time
  2. Take an #UNselfie: Share how you are giving back by posting your #UNselfie on your social media channels.  They also have an #UNselfie sign and toolkit that has everything you need to get you started.
  3. Donate your paycheck: Check with your company about how you can donate a part of your paycheck to a local charitable organization.
  4. Go pro bono: Use your skills to help local non-profit organizations.
  5. Share your #MyGivingStory: Share your story and why you are giving back on the Giving Tuesday Facebook page.

For more information on Giving Tuesday and ways to give back, please visit:




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