A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

I’m obsessed with drinking water. I’m always the person with a bottle (or two) of water by my side. An essential that we all need, not all water is created equally.

Since water is an essential part of all of our lives, it crucial to drink the very best filtered water. In fact, a study recently found that 93% of bottled water that was tested contained microplastics which is twice the amount found in tap water.

I’ve recently been upgrading my drinking game with a new filtration system called ZeroWater. Essentially, this simple unit is a five-stage ion exchange filtration system that removes dissolved solids from water and microplastics from water.

Through its innovative technology, it removes impurities such as heavy metals, lead, sulfide, chromium and more that provides a crisp glass of water that lasts for around 20 gallons.

This is the largest capacity dispenser on the market and features a convenient push-to-dispense spout. Bonus: it easily fits into a refrigerator shelf and has both a push spout and a pour option for easy dispensing!

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