Getting Crafty: DIY Upcycled Dreamcatcher

Getting Crafty: DIY Upcycled Dreamcatcher

We are so excited for Earth Day! And while we try to do our best to take care of the earth each and every day, Earth Day is a definitely a great way to do a little more. And one such way to get the kids involved is to upcycle by reusing items around the house and turn them into something new. Our friends at Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks, shared an idea for a fun upcycled dreamcatcher that would make for a perfect craft to create this Earth Day. Read on for more:

DIY Upcycled Dreamcatcher

DIY Upcycled Dreamcatcher

Originating in Native American culture, dreamcatchers are believed to offer protection to little ones by “catching” bad dreams in mid-air while they sleep. With a web-covered hoop to snare nightmares, dreamcatchers traditionally feature natural decorative accents like feathers and wooden beads. Try your hand at making your own upcycled dreamcatcher with our easy tutorial!

What You’ll Need:

  • A piece of decorative fabric from an old shirt, shawl, scarf or table runner
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Sharp scissors
  • Wooden or plastic beads with a 1/8” hole or larger
  • Feathers and/or ribbons
  • Safety pins


Step 1: Dig through your closets to find an interesting old T-shirt, shawl, scarf or table runner that you no longer use. Look for an eye-catching graphic or interesting material that’s lacy or crocheted. Cut your fabric so that it’s slightly wider than the embroidery hoop, and at least twice as tall.

Step 2: Unscrew the top of your embroidery hoop and separate the two hoops. Drape your fabric over the inner hoop, lining it up so that plenty of extra fabric hangs down at the bottom.

Step 3: Place the outer hoop on top and press down into place, adjusting the fabric and pulling it tight. Once you’re happy with the fabric placement, tighten the top screw.

Step 4: Take your scissors and cut the fabric hanging from the bottom of the hoop into long, thin, vertical strips. Trim any excess fabric from around the rest of the hoop.

Step 5: String beads onto the ends of your fabric strips and knot them in place. Use safety pins to attach feathers and ribbons onto your fabric strips at random places for an eclectic effect. Loop a longer piece of ribbon through the hardware at the top and hang with pride!





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