The Next Hottest Finess Craze: Cyclebox

While we are all about exercising and getting our bodies to move and groove as much as possible; there’s no denying that it can be boring to do the same old thing all the time! We are psyched when we learned about new fitness craze called Cyclebox, a new hospitality inspired and music driven, group fitness indoor cycling studio.

Created by Fitbox Method, a Miami-based boutique boxing gym, Cyclebox includes a 45 minute instructor-led group cycling class that’s aimed at burning calories while also providing a full body workout through upper body strength training using aerobic weights and shadow boxing.

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Open to adults of all fitness levels, the core methodology behind Cyclebox is for members to achieve maximum levels of endurance without noticing how hard they are working, set to the energy of heart-pumping playlists and captivating colors in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

This also includes a commitment to camaraderie instead of competition where members are all working towards the same goal rather than competing against each other. Cyclebox drives you ride to the beat using the music to propel your energy taking the emphasis off numbers and putting more on fun. While this all sounds awesome, we wanted to learn more and recently had a chance to do just that from the team at Fitbox Method. Check out our interview below to get the scoop about this awesome new fitness class.

Interview with Fitbox Method About Cyclebox

 Fitbox Method About Cyclebox

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea of Cyclebox come about?

Fitbox Method: We wanted to go back to the basics and focus on team spirit, and fun within in a high-energy night life-inspired setting

Wellness Patterns: How does a class work?

Fitbox Method: Each 45 minute Cyclebox class is led by one of our rock star instructors and we use audio and visual components to engage our riders

Wellness Patterns: What can someone expect who is new to a Cyclebox class?

Fitbox Method: Sweat while having fun doing it, being caught up in the moment and not believing an hour passed by-instead of feeling drained – our riders exit each class feeling like they just danced the night away at a nightclub with friends

Wellness Patterns: What kind of music can we expect to hear in a Cyclebox class?

Fitbox Method: All types from EDm to Pop and Hiphop

Wellness Patterns: How is Cyclebox an effective full-body workout?

Fitbox Method: Indoor cycling works on core and lower half of the body, but by adding an aerobic weight circuit targeting upper body at the end of each Cyclebox class incorporates a total body workout.

Cyclebox will offer non-contract class passes ranging from $14-$25 per class. Monthly membership levels start at $75 per month and go up to $175. Pre-opening specials will be available until June featuring unlimited classes for $99 per month with complimentary Shimano cycling shoes upon joining.

For additional information please visit or contact 305-978-3961. Instagram: @FitboxMethod


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