Say Bye, Bye to Bug Bites this Summer with U.S. Organic’s Anti Bug Spray Line

new organic anti bug spray for kids

Bugs! They are everywhere, and so, so annoying! While sun protection is an obvious factor of the summer, so is protecting your skin from bug bites–some of which can be harmful, like ticks and certain mosquitos!

That’s why I was so psyched to learn more about U.S. Organic’s new Anti Bug Spray Line, a DEET free line that featuring three products (US Organic’s Anti Mosquito Spray, US Organic Anti Bug Spray Outdoor formula, and even a US Organic Indoor Anti Bug Spray!) for long-lasting protection from mosquitoes and other bugs. And it’s safe, which as you know, is not always the case with certain bug sprays. The line is Certified Organic by USDA and safe for usage on infants, children, expectant moms and anyone looking for serious mosquito protection.

Having used it for a few weeks now, I also love how lightweight it sprays on the body, offering a mild scent (herbal or coconut) that doesn’t feel sticky or gross on my skin. While the outdoor sprays have been in rotation when the kids play outside, I’ve also loved using the US Organic Indoor Anti Bug Spray, a safe spray made out of organic ingredients including soybean oil, castor oil, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, cedar oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, and deionized water. Awesome for indoor use on pillows or blankets that I spray on when we are maxin’ and relaxin’ at home. With its lightweight and smooth formula, no one complains when it’s on or anymore since they haven’t had any bug bites! And as a huge bonus, the line is made in the USA and isn’t tested on animals! Hooray times a million for that.

Summah’s here and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Make sure that you slather up with essentials like sunscreen and this new organic anti bug spray. Trust us, your skin will thank you!


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Healthy Start with Grain-Free GrandyOats

Healthy Start with Grain-Free GrandyOats

By now it’s safe to say that most of us have tried granola at some point in our lives. While this isn’t a new food, there are definitely variations of this classic breakfast option that covers a wide-range of choice! Hooray to advances in granola. The problem with some varieties are that they are loaded with added sugars that don’t always make this the best option to start your day. Along with the sugar-ladded varieties, there are tons of healthier options that even include grain-free varieties! We just had the chance to try out such a variety with the new grain-free Coconola line from GrandyOats.

Healthy Start with Grain-Free GrandyOats

As a company that has handcrafted granola since 1979 (along with muesli, trail mix, roasted nuts and hot cereals in rural Main), they recently introduced a new line of gluten free granolas with a base of coconut that’s been touted for it’s nutritional benefits such as for energy, fiber and healthy fats including MCT. This, along with the combo of the nuts, makes for a super healthy and powerful way to start your day.

Healthy Start with Grain-Free GrandyOats

We had the opportunity to test out a few of these new granolas and were amazed at how good they were without having any traditional oats in them. One of our favorites is the Original, Super Hemp Blend, a variety that contains organic: unsweetened coconut, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, sesame seeds, honey, maple syrup, and vanilla! Paired with some yogurt, blueberries and a drizzle of some of our morning smoothie made for a satisfying and incredible option for breakfast. This variety wasn’t too sweet and provided the right amount of crunch that paired amazingly with the variety of nuts in the granola. A seriously addictive blend, we’ve also been stashing them in our bags for a mid-day snack or to top on our salads and smoothies. It’s super versatile and incredible tasty that can easily be enjoyed throughout the day.

Additional varieties in the Coconola line include the Original Coconola and the Chocolate Chunk Coconola, a healthy and satisfying sweet treat made with rganic: unsweetened coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut syrup, dark chocolate, sesame seeds, pecans, cashews, maple syrup and vanilla.

Additionally, all of the “oats” in the grain-free line are “certified organic, gluten-free and paleo; non-GMO; small batch; high protein; oil-free; salt-free; kosher; low sugar; and socially responsible,” as stated by Aaron Anker, Chief Granola Officer for GrandyOats.

And another cool aspect of the company is that their bakery is solar powered where they have 288 solar panels next to the bakery generate enough clean, renewable energy to produce millions of pounds of granola and offset over 145,000 pounds of greenhouse gases each year. With a focus on social consciousness, they source the most wholesome organic ingredients and partner with local, organic, and non-GMO producers. A fantastic granola from a company that cares, we fully support and love the incredible varieties from their new grain-free line, and think you will, too!

All 3 varieties of Coconola are offered in 9 oz. re-sealable pouches for a SRP of $7.99. A wide range of GrandyOats organic cereals and snacks in a variety of sizes are available nationwide at natural food stores, food cooperatives, major grocery chains, online retailers and

We were provided samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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Latest Healthy Snack on the Block: Organic Superseed Crunch

Organic Superseed Crunch review
Add a little crunch to your morning oatmeal.

In our quest to eat as healthy as possible, the snack category can sometimes fall a little short in satisfying our healthy needs. Sure, we try to grab a piece of fruit whenever it’s humanely possible, but sometimes we just want a snack with a little more crunch that isn’t loaded with sugar. This weekend we tested a snack (and breakfast option) that falls into these categories with the Organic Superseed Crunch by Absolutely Gluten-Free, a company committed to offering delicious products that also happen to be gluten-free.

A product that has been two years in the making, the Organic Superseed Crunch line includes three yummy flavors (Cinnamon, Original and Toasted Coconut) that seriously pack a punch in the flavor department. Made with flax seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds, this wholesome snack is packed with Omega 3 ALA, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and antioxidants!

As a granola-bar like snack, we love eating it as when hunger strikes, which is basically every couple of hours, or as a topping to our morning oatmeal that delivers a nice crunch factor coupled with a mild sweetness. You can also add it to yogurt, fruit salads, or even ice cream, which is a great option for kids to get some much-needed nutrients throughout the day. It’s also a really convenient snack that we like to place in small bags, along with some nuts, for a tasty snack that keeps us satisfied when we are running around.

You can find the Organic Superseed Crunch line at supermarkets, big box and natural food stores. Absolutely Gluten-Free Organic Superseed Crunch is packaged in convenient 4.5 oz. re-sealable bags (six to a case). It’s all-natural, certified gluten-free, OU kosher, non-GMO, vegan, dairy and soy-free, low in sodium and USDA Organic.

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