Coyuchi For Life: New Subscription Service for Environmentally Sustainable Linens

Coyuchi For Life: New Subscription Service for Environmentally Sustainable Linens

Did you know that 10 million plus tons of textiles, like clothes, bedding, towels, etc, end up in landfills each year?! While that is shocking, there are a lot of companies out there that are doing their part to change the way we consume like Enter Coyuchi, a pioneer of organic cotton linens, and their program ‘Coyuchi For Life,’ a service where users can subscribe to organic bed and bath linens in six, 12, or 24-month increments. When the subscription period is up, customers send back used linens to be recycled or renewed, and receive a new set. A refreshing, environmentally-friendly option, the service can benefit customers and the planet with less waste and the use of GOTS-certified sheets, duvets, and towels are made from natural and organic fibers, free of the toxic dyes, bleaches, and finishes used in conventional textiles. to learn more about the service and how it works, we spoke with Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi. Read on to learn more about how this service is major game changer in the textiles industry.

New Subscription Service for Environmentally Sustainable Linens

New Subscription Service for Environmentally Sustainable Linens

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea for Coyuchi for Life come about?

Eileen Mockus: With over 10M tons of textiles ending up in landfills each year, Coyuchi wanted to create a solution that would help customers reduce their impact on the enviornment that also works with their busy lives.

Wellness Patterns: How does the service work?

Eileen Mockus: Coyuchi for Life is a new, first-of-its-kind subscription program designed to allow shoppers to get new towels, sheets and duvet covers every 6, 12 or 24 months, and send back their old ones to Coyuchi to be renewed, upcycled or recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. A handy return prepaid label makes the return process a breeze.

Coyuchi For Life: New Subscription Service for Environmentally Sustainable Linens

Wellness Patterns: What are the benefits of using a service like?

Eileen Mockus: The service allows consumers to subscribe to sustainability and change their sheets for good.

Wellness Patterns: What happens to the linens when you are done with them?

Eileen Mockus: The Coyuchi for Life products will not be sent back to the same owner; they will be sold back as renewed by Coyuchi or other partners like The Renewal Workshop.

To learn more, please visit:

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Greener Home with ECOS and an Interview

ecos products for a green home

One of the easiest steps that anyone can take to become a greener consumer is to seek out green companies. And thankfully there are more options out there these days that have even hit mainstream stories, making it even easier to shop ethically. One of our favorites is ECOS, a company that makes all of their products with plant-derived cleaning agents! Started in 1967 with a singular mission: to make affordable environmentally-friendly cleaning products that would not only tackle life’s dirtiest jobs but also protect the planet’s precious resources in the process. Amazing, right!

Today, they continue to adhere to these values and now offer more than 200 environmentally friendly products. We are huge fans and recently had the chance to try out some household staples, like the ECOS Hand SoapECOS All Purpose Cleaner and ECOS Dishmate that we use on the daily. Not only do these products effectively clean up all of the grit and grime from life, they do so without any yucky add-ons. You can opt for a mild scent (we are digging the citrus/green combo of the lemongrass), or opt for an equally powerful collection of products from their free and clear range.

ecos free and clear line

Additionally, all of their products are mode in the U.S. at one of four manufacturing facilities that are carbon neutral, water neutral and Zero Waste Platinum certified, saving over 53 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually and diverting over 95% of all waste from landfills. To learn more about this company, we had the chance to speak with Jenna Arkin, Earth Friendly Products’ Product Development Director. Read on to check out even more about ECOS and why they are one of our favorites.

Interview with ECOS

Wellness Patterns: Can you tell us what it means to produce products in a carbon neutral, water neutral facility?

Jenna Arkin: We power our sustainable manufacturing plants with 100% renewable energy, including solar panels at each facility. Since we became carbon neutral in 2013, we’ve saved over 53 million pounds of carbon dioxane annually. That’s the equivalent of removing 5,089 passenger vehicles from the road each year! Water neutrality is a measure of “zero net water usage.” We achieved this by significantly reduced our water use and by supporting programs that restore water to critically depleted ecosystems.

Wellness Patterns: What does it mean to be zero waste platinum certified?

Jenna Arkin: Zero Waste Platinum certification means that we divert over 95% of our waste from landfills and incineration.

Wellness Patterns: How do you save waste from going into landfills?

Jenna Arkin: We provide extensive training to our employees to help them minimize waste in their daily activities through reducing, reusing, recycling, and most importantly, rethinking ways to prevent waste. Our vendors are a critical part of our Zero Waste success, as we work closely with them to minimize the packaging they send to your facilities and ensure that materials are recyclable.

Wellness Patterns: What are some of your innovations for 2017 and best sellers?

Jenna Arkin: Our long time best seller is our ECOS hypoallergenic Laundry detergent. Just this past year, we have added a new enzyme formula that has added stain removal power, available in two new signature scents – Fresh Geranium and Honeydew.

We are also excited to unveil our newly rebranded “ECOS for Pets!” line of products, wth stain and odor removers and grooming solutions for all of our furry & feathered friends. All of our pet products have been formulated using “Human” personal care and cleaning standards, ensuring that only the safest products come into contact with pets. Our new Peppermint Hypoallergenic Grooming Shampoo is also the first ever Safer Choice certified pet product on the market! This means that the formula has been vetted by the us EPA to contain only the safest ingredients in class.

Wellness Patterns: How did the company start?

Jenna Arkin: Our company was founded in 1967 by a man that embodies the ideal of the American Dream. Van Vlahakis came to our country from Greece with $22 in his pocket and put himself through a rigourous college education in Chemistry. He founded our company in his garage with the mission of providing safer, greener cleaners at a time when no one yet understood the dangers of toxic chemicals in cleaning products. Today we continue to be inspired by Van’s pioneering and innovative spirit, and we’re proud to provide environmentally friendly cleaners that work great at a much lower price than other green cleaners. This year we’re celebrating 50 years of green cleaning!

Wellness Patterns: What are some of your goals for the future of the company?

Jenna Arkin: We’re going to continue to innovate and be at the cutting edge of green chemistry! We’ll also continue to work with local and federal legislators to lobby for safer chemical policies and ingredient transparency to protect American consumers. Most importantly, we’ll continue to grow and provide green jobs in the four local communities in the U.S. where we manufacture our products.

To learn more about ECOS, please visit:

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Water Reimagined: Celebrating World Water Day

celebrating world water day tips

Did you know that March 22nd is World Water Day? To help you celebrate and take better care of this precious resource, The Ecology Center is sharing some tips and simple solutions designed to inspire change and reduce your water footprint. Read on to check out what you can do on to support their mission on World Water Day, and really everyday!

Celebrating Wold Water Day: What You Can Do!

celebrating world water day tips and advice

  • Use reusable – Using a reusable water bottle can save 1 gallon of water daily. Request your One Less Plastic Bottle sticker and pledge to ditch disposable water bottles.
  • Conscious Consumption – Buy less and buy products that are built to last. An average t-shirt can cost up to 650 gallons to produce. Give old things new life, recycle and reuse.
  • Turn off the tap – When brushing teeth or washing dishes you could save 8 gallons per day. Or collect cold shower water with a Tubtrug.
  • Brick it – By placing a brick in your toilet’s water tank you can save ¼ every time you flush and 2 gallons per day.
  • Eat less meat – It takes up to 1600 gallons to feed, process, transport and store 1 lb of meat. Swap meat for greens a couple times a week and save thousands of gallons.
  • Ditch your lawn, grown your own – Replace your lawn with native plants or a garden.
  • Build Your Own Water-Light Toolkit with Reusable utensils, Reusable water bottle, Cloth tote bag, Bee’s wrap, Stainless steel tiffin and a Tubtrug
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5 Ways to Use Cara Cara and Blood Oranges Around the Home

Using Cara Cara and Blood oranges Around the Home:

Did you know that you can do so much more with oranges then just eat them? Of course we love them as a healthy snack, but we just learned even more ways to use Cara Cara and Blood oranges around the home from Limoneira. Read on to check out more ways to use this versatile fruit below:

Using Cara Cara and Blood Oranges Around the Home:

Deodorize: Squeeze the juice of a Cara Cara or blood orange and the juice of one lemon into the liquid detergent compartment. Run the dishwasher while empty and set to steam dry. The citric acid in the fruit will help neutralize the odor, leaving your kitchen smelling sweeter in no time!

Exfoliate: A good face scrub is a key component in any skincare routine. Take 2 TBSP coconut oil, ½ a juiced Cara Cara or blood orange, and ¾ cup coarse sugar. Mix together and use as an exfoliating scrub on clean hands or on your body.

Hydrate: Did you know that Vitamin C is good for your hair, as well as you skin? Create an orange-lemon rinse using: ¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 cup warm water and 1 teaspoon honey. After straining the lemon and orange juice for pulp, add all ingredients together. After shampooing your hair as normal, pour the orange-lemon rinse into your hair slowly, massaging it into your scalp and working it through the hair to the ends. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Your healthy, shiny hair will thank you!

Clean: What you’ll need: a glass jar, citrus peels (two oranges, one grapefruit and one lemon), white vinegar and a clear spray bottle. Simply trim away as much of the white pith as possible from the citrus peels and place in a jar. Pour in enough white vinegar to cover the peels and cover the top of the jar. Let this mixture sit for 1-2 weeks, or until the vinegar has turned dark orange. It should also smell of oranges – if it doesn’t, allow it to sit longer and/or add more peels. Shake the jar every 2 days to speed the process – then, transfer to spray bottle and use as desired.

Snack: Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend simply snacking on these delicious citrus fruits from time to time. Eating an orange a day can go a long way towards keeping your skin and hair healthy!

Looking for more recipes? Subscribe to Limoneira’s Youtube channel for more information on the many ways this endlessly versatile fruit can improve life inside the home and beyond.


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