Find the Perfect Meal in the New FoodFaves App (and an Interview!)

We all have our food cravings, that on a given day, can be heightened when we scroll through social. Most food apps work to get food quickly and conveniently to you, but for the most part, that’s it. Most apps don’t know what your food likes and dislikes are or allow you to search for what you are craving (via images) in your area.

Enter the new FoodFaves App, a crowdsourcing tool that finds the best food pic content in your area, using pictures to cue up your food cravings and help you find the best eatery to satisfy that craving. Created by Sydney Epstein, a New York City television editor, who figured out that people respond to pictures of food more than menus or even good reviews. She created her app to be the ultimate personal dining assistant to help people achieve the battle to find the ultimate meal.

FoodFaves App ice cream

This ingenious new app works to identify what you’re craving, find the best possible version of what you’re craving, figure out where to go get it and provides the tools for you to get out of your office/home and be social. To learn more about this app, we chatted with Epstein about how it works and her goals for the app in the future.

Interview with Sydney Epstein about FoodFaves App

Interview with Sydney Epstein about FoodFaves App

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea for the app come about?

Sydney Epstein: I had just graduated from Emerson College and moved across the country to start a new job in Los Angeles. As a food-obsessed millennial, one of the very first things on my “to-do list” upon settling into a new city was to research my new “go-to” restaurants/takeout joints (#priorities). Within the first few minutes of my research, my computer screen became flooded with endless tabs of yelp pages, websites and reviews, and it was impossible to comprehend/keep track of which restaurants matched/catered to my personal taste. That was when I had that “there’s got to be a better way” moment and the idea for Foodfaves was born: an app that’s not just a personal dining assistant, but a “personal portal” to the foodie community!

Wellness Patterns: Tell us more about how it works?

Sydney Epstein: FoodFaves was designed as a personal dining assistant with a visual-heavy interface that capitalizes on cultural trends in how people seek to satisfy hunger. There’s an emphasis on convenience and reliance on digital media and smartphones in everyday decision-making.

FoodFaves offers several features to help users “organize” their food preferences, their favorite restaurants and dishes, while encouraging them to try new foods. Its core feature is a unique “Crave Quiz” that presents the user with sequential photos of delicious dishes based on their preferences and location, interpreting user responses (swipes) to each photo to determine what will satisfy their crave. Using the user’s Crave Quiz results, the app matches the user to a local restaurant that serves their crave. Think of the FoodFaves app as an intelligent “Tinder of Food.”

Through other FoodFaves features, you can easily thumb through pictures of your favorite dishes, or pictures people share with you that all appear in your personal newsfeed. Scroll through your favorite restaurants and menus with the option to save restaurant profiles that catch your eye and revisit them later. Found that perfect meal or snack? Share them with your followers while discovering delicious dishes and treats from others in the FoodFaves community.

It’s fun and it’s social. Finally, a personal dining assistant, right at your fingertips!

FoodFaves App cravings


Wellness Patterns: Why target cravings through an app?

Sydney Epstein: FoodFaves is a picture intensive application that capitalizes on the growing cultural attraction to visual images of food, often referred to as “food porn.” It’s digitizing a daily thought process that we all have, in order to reveal your craving. FoodFaves is made up of features which were all designed to help direct users to the restaurant most likely to “match” their craving within their desired location radius. Our app is a unique product with competitive differentiation in a market whose potential lies in its enormity, fascination with food, and increasing reliance on technology.

Wellness Patterns: What has been the response like so far?

Sydney Epstein: User feedback has been extremely positive, mainly about how it’s crazy that this idea has never been done before! Our FoodFaves database of users and food image uploads continues to grow every day. There are currently 30,000 tagged photos of dishes from restaurants all over the country (even some from overseas) uploaded to our app. The majority of food photos uploaded within the app are of dishes served in and around New York City, as that is our first test city. However, more and more food photos are posted every day of dishes served all across the U.S. Many of our users also run successful foodie Instagram accounts, so they came to the FoodFaves app as food influencers. But what is great about FoodFaves is that anyone can be a food micro-influencer within their own social circle. It’s the perfect forum for these users to not only show off drool-worthy dishes, but help other users discover new restaurants in their area! And obviously restaurants greatly benefit too, from the social sharing component of their dishes.

Wellness Patterns: What are some of your goals for the app?

Sydney Epstein: To be a leader in the social media-driven universe of food. FoodFaves provides a feature-rich program that creates unique appeal among users seeking convenience, while providing the restaurant community an easy, cost efficient means of targeted advertising. For restaurants, its visual advertising with a key social component. In addition to bringing users and restaurants together in commerce, we hope the application will provide an active social media forum for users who wish to share food photos with each other, and restaurants who seek to leverage social media for advertising. At the end of the day, our main mission is for FoodFaves to help users search for the perfect answer to satisfy their cravings and where to find it, by digitizing a daily conversation we all have – “What do I (we) want to eat today/tonight?”

For more info about the app, please visit: the iTunes store.

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New goEvo App: Designed to End the Cycle of Dieting

Many of us go through our entire lives dieting. The ups and downs are a part of a vicious cycle that can sometimes be hard to break. Since weight loss its a multifaceted issue, it’s important to understand the many components of why you can’t seem to lose weight in order to make real, sustainable changes. And thanks to technology there are new ways to make improvements such as via the new goEvo app, a virtual weight-loss therapist that helps users manage their emotional eating and cravings, boost their motivation and confidence, build up their self-esteem and feel good.

never diet again with goevo app

Founded by Abigail and Amin Mohebbi, the app is designed to help users lose excess weight and keep it off by changing the way they THINK and FEEL about food, mood and their bodies. The founders believe that “the only way to get rid of excess weight and keep it off is by changing the way we think and feel about food and our bodies. That’s how we can end our dieting cycle for good and that’s what goEvo is all about.” Read on to learn more about how the goEvo app works and our interview with the founders to learn more about why they started the company.

Interview with Abigail and Amin Mohebbi, Founders of goEvo

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi, Founders of goEvo

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi, Founders of goEvo

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea for the app come about?

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi: We (Abigail and Amin Mohebbi) are a British couple living in France. We met in 2007, and we have 2 children.

I watched a close family member battle with her weight for decades as she tried every mainstream diet out there. I watched her self-esteem suffer for it, the frustrations and high and lows of losing weight then regaining it, and her misery in restricting what she was eating then rebounding. I felt there was something fundamentally wrong with the approach of the diet industry.

A strong desire to help her and other family members, along with an instinctive feeling that negative eating habits stemmed from emotional causes, led me to spend years looking into the diet industry, obesity and the most credible scientific research into weight gain and loss.

The problem was clear: diets don’t work!

The solution? A no diet revolution!

Armed with that information, we started to create goEvo with the intention of helping our family and others facing the same problems. We set out to address the root of the problem: the way we think and feel about food and our bodies.

goevo app

goevo app: how it works

Wellness Patterns: How does goEvo work?

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi: Using goEvo is like having a virtual weight loss therapist in your pocket that you can interact with any time to get support and guidance, but less heavy than the real thing! goEvo is really simple to use, it gives honest advice based on science and supports the users when and where they need it.

To build the app, we have used some the best experts on weight loss psychology and mobile technology.

goEvo works by having therapy based conversations. Users simply tap a button on their phone to log their mood at any time and an area of concern they are experiencing, like overeating, cravings, confidence and motivation. It also offers simple practical advice for dealing with difficult situations. Therapy techniques include mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapies, to help users change the way they think and feel about food and their bodies, to change behavior and easily create new healthy habits.

Users are awarded badged for achieving different milestones and there’s also a supplementary food and movement plan to help users get started.

go evo app how it works

Wellness Patterns: Why do you believe in the no diet revolution?

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi: The ‘no diet revolution’ is very simply just based on the best science and expertise that is out there minus all the hype:  and marketing from the powerful diet industry. As they say, ‘the truth is out there’ but to get to it, we need to ignore all the other distracting information that doesn’t have our best interest at heart.

Here is why we think in time, most people who currently diet will come to believe in the ‘no diet revolution’, experience it first hand and feel better for it.

Losing fat and keeping it off begins with the mind; we need to rewire the habit forming part of our brain and get away from emotionally triggered eating. The good news is anyone can do it with the right tools and encouragement. That is where goEvo comes in.

For the majority of people, diets don’t work in the long term. Dieters lose weight but eventually gain it back again, and sadly the majority of those will gain back extra weight as well.
It seems to us that the diet industry is a big part of this problem. There’s a whole lot of misinformation that says failed diets are the fault of the dieters, that dieters are somehow weak willed and lacking self-control. This idea is perpetuated because it sells. People go back to diets time and time again believing it was their fault that their diet failed.

I have witnessed first hand that this is completely false. Serial dieters are some of the most motivated and dedicated people I’ve met. The problem is that the approach of restricting food or counting calories is not sustainable in the long term. It’s also ineffective. Losing weight long term is not just about calories in versus calories out.

We’d love to see dieters take back control of their own bodies and build confidence. We love the body positivity movements that are happening as the antithesis to how beauty has typically been portrayed in the media.
If you really think about it, the whole situation about diets is very unfair and wrong. But people are not alone in feeling bad about dieting and most people are willing to pass on their positive experiences and what they have learned to others. That’s why we think goEvo will make a serious positive difference to the lives of many people worldwide who suffer from obesity and related diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and depression.

go evo app logo

Wellness Patterns: What are your plans for the future of the app?

Abigail and Amin Mohebbi: The goEvo app will be launching in the next few months. Naturally we are excited to be part of the ‘no diet revolution’ and we are really looking forward to getting feedback on goEvo and using that feedback to make it better at helping users. We think once people see that something new works well and makes a positive difference to how they feel, they will spread the word and join the ‘no diet revolution’.

We will be delighted to hear feedback from users and learn from their experiences. If anyone is interested to join our beta testing team prior to the official launch of the app, we would love to have them and hear their feedback. They can participate by registering their email on our website at

Check out more about goEvo here:

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