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Boxed Water’s Social Reforestation Campaign

Boxed Water's Social Reforestation Campaign #ReTree
As I’ve mentioned, I love to support companies that do their part to give back. Whether big or small, these incentives allow consumer to better understand bigger issues and how they can impact us all. One such company that is doing their part-both as a brand and through the partners the support-is Boxed Water. With a motto “Boxed Water is Better,” Boxed Water was created with a simple mission to offer an alternative to plastic drinking water, making a product that is more environmentally-friendly. Essentially just water and a box, Boxed Water is 100% recyclable, shipped flat to help reduce offset the carbon footprint, and made with a minimal design (no excessive paper). And what about the water itself? It’s made with an 8-step purification process to ensure that it’s free of impurities and minerals and that the pH levels are very close to neutral.
Boxed Water's Social Reforestation Campaign #ReTree
Boxed Water's Social Reforestation Campaign #ReTree
boxed water nyc event
During a recent event in NYC, I not only had the opportunity to try out the water (it’s good!) but to also learn more about the company and their partnership with the National Forest Foundation and their #ReTree social reforestation campaign.  Through this social media incentive, they are working to protect the planet by planting one million trees within the next five years. And we can all participate! Simply post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter featuring Boxed Water using the hashtag #ReTree and Boxed Water will plant two trees. You can also subscribe to their newsletter where they will plant two trees on your behalf or purchase online and they will plant six trees. How easy is that?!
To learn more about Boxed Water and their sustainable practices, be sure to visit: https://boxedwaterisbetter.com/pages/retree

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