Awesome New e-Cargo Bike & Bicycle from Sanitov Studio

Sanitov Studios: Stylish, Functional and Innovative New Bikes

The start of spring has out and about more often as we soak in those sunshine vibes. This time also inspires us to get involved in more outdoor activities, like biking, and if you’re in the need for a new bicycle we have two cool new options for you from Sanitov Studio. They recently launched a really cool e-cargo bike called the “movE” and a single-speed bicycle called “speeD.”

Founded in 2009 by Danish designer, Alexander Host, Sanitov is rooted in the world of design, which is prevalent in the functionality and minimalism of the movE and the speeD bikes. While they offer two different types of mobility, together they redefine what urban mobility is.

Sanitov Studios: Stylish, Functional and Innovative New Bikes

For moveE, this innovative bike has been developed over a six-year period that is back-loaded and has a concealed, electric motor to assist the user as he/she moves about in the city. The backloaded design – which is also inspired from a classic Chinese load-bike predating the Cultural Revolution – improves navigation and makes it possible to transport heavy goods and even children. movE also has a low turning radius ensures easy and intuitive navigation while the back-loaded design makes navigation safer. The bike has the lowest turning radius on the market.An optional GPS tracker is available for the movE (scheduled for November 2017), which can be super helpful for get around a city as well as to offer a piece of mind with the concern of theft.

Sanitov Studios: Stylish, Functional and Innovative New Bikes

As for the speeD bike, you’ll find an awesome single-speed bike designed with the modern urban dweller in mind. Its simple design and features means that it is easy to maintain, while its clean lines ensure that the owner looks stylish as he/she moves about in the city. The frame is made from high-quality CR-MO steel, making for a stylish but sturdy ride. The 2017 version does not yet feature Sanitov’s GPS chip. However, this is being incorporated in future generations and will be ready for spring 2018.

Check out even more about these innovative bikes in the video, below:

Introducing ‘The MovE’ a cargo-bike by Sanitov Studio from SANITOV on Vimeo.