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How the Stigma Around Addiction is Hurting Society

How the Stigma Around Addiction is Hurting Society

Guest post by Paul Brethen, co-founder at SoberBuddy They did it to themselves. They made poor decisions. They weren’t strong enough to kick their dependency. These are just a few ways in which society as a whole has been taught to see addiction. Addiction has […]

5 Ways to Create Your Fittest Future Self

5 Ways to Create Your Fittest Future Self

Guest post by Kathleen Trotter Too many of us have an evil roommate in our heads — an unhelpful, perfectionist, shame-based inner critic who sets us up for failure. These evil roommates are not only belittling and cruel, they are unproductive. Shame-based criticism sets the […]

The Hemp Bars We are Loving Right Now

The Hemp Bars We are Loving Right Now

Hemp has become quite the popular mainstream ingredient over the past few years. Now, you can find it in everything from snacks to protein bars–and everything in between.

We recently sampled one of the latest lines of clean protein bars and hemp seeds from Humming Hemp, a female-founded company out of the Pacific Northwest. Their “small but mighty seeds” are sourced from Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, playing an integral role in the Regenerative Agriculture Movement.

Dubbed “hummingbar,” these bars are perfect for a busy life on-the-go while also giving you the nutrients you need to power through your day. Made from soft and chewy hemp hearts and sweetened with raw USA honey from Humming Hemp‘s sister company humble honey co., these nutrient-dense bars pack a punch that are loaded with flavor (some include almond & chocolate, seed & date, pumpkin and spice, lavender pistachio and blueberry, and honey and cinnamon) and texture that make them super enjoyable, nutritious, and rather delicious.

The bars also include 11-12 grams of raw plant-based protein, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, eight vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, Zinc, and Manganese, 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids we all need. Bonus: they are paleo, dairy-free, non-gmo, grain-free, gluten-free and beyond delicious!

Hummingbird Hemp seeds in salad

The brand also has a Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Raw Hemp Protein Powder, and Raw Hemp Hearts (Spicy, Honey Aleppo and Plain) that we love sprinkling on our salads and in our smoothies.

Check out even more about their product line here.

We were given samples for review. All opinions, as always, are our own.

Hyland’s Introduces New Teen Collection

Hyland’s Introduces New Teen Collection

The teen years aren’t easy. From mounting social pressures to stress at school, teens typically have a host of things on their mind, including having to deal with new changes in their bodies. For some, this leads to acne, intense cramping, irritability, aches, and sleeplessness, […]

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

A Better Way to Drink Water with ZeroWater

I’m obsessed with drinking water. I’m always the person with a bottle (or two) of water by my side. An essential that we all need, not all water is created equally. Since water is an essential part of all of our lives, it crucial to […]

Gluten-Free Goodness Abounds at the Little Beet, A New Eatery in Greenwich

Gluten-Free Goodness Abounds at the Little Beet, A New Eatery in Greenwich

I’m always that person who scopes out the healthier options in restaurants, and, thankfully, there’s so many more ways to score healthy bites with gluten-free and vegan places popping up all over New York and Connecticut.

bar at little beet table

little beet table margarita

One such eatery is the new Little Beet Table in Greenwich, a 100% gluten-free restaurant serving nourishing cuisine and vegetable-forward cocktails (think: Fennel Margarita, Lemongrass and Beet Gin & Tonic, and the Fall Cobbler, to name a few of their current offerings).  I had a Kale Margarita during my visit, but the bar, like the restaurant, focuses on seasonal offerings where you will always find something new and in-season when you visit.

Helmed by culinary director Matt Aita and chef de cuisine, Rich Perez, the eatery also boosts a vibrant bar that is oozing with style and the perfect spot for a quick bite or some drinks.

new york mom little beet table

During a recent visit with The New York Mom, we sampled some of their healthy bites from their new bar snack menu and loved every minute of this culinary adventure.

Beet Sushi LIttle Beet Table

First up was the Beet Sushi that we couldn’t get enough of. This soup-like appetizer is made with salmon, fresh beets, yuzu kosho (a Japanese condiment made from fresh chiles), umeboshi (salted Japanese plums), and scallions that was super refreshing and light.

hummus little beet table

We also loved the amazing sunflower hummus that come with grilled pita bread and veggies. Another favorite was the watercress guacamole that was a fun twist on the traditional favorite and the grilled octopus that was cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Other snack happy options for sharing (or not!) included the lightly seasoned popcorn made with toppings like nori, sesame, and togarashi or sweet chili-lime, seasonal pickles that are brined in a homemade shiso emulsion, warm olives, and spiced olives that I definitely want to sink my teeth in when I visit again.

little beet table decor

As we enjoyed our snacks and drinks, we also loved the stylish/laid-back vibe that included tons of potted plants in colorful vases, bright jars of food brining away, leaf wallpaper, and pops of color that give the space it’s own personality.

Not just for bar snacking, you can also enjoy lunch, dinner, or brunch at Little Beet Table where you’ll find fresh, delicious and wholesome food options.


Little Beet Table,  376 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 

We were provided a complimentary meal for the purposes of this review. All opinions, as always, are our own.

high Beauty: A Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil-Based Beauty Line

high Beauty: A Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil-Based Beauty Line

CBD oil has certainly made its way into mainstream culture rather quickly. As an on-going education into what it is, we were excited to learn more about something totally different that offers a host of benefits for the skin. A Cannabis sativa seed oil-based beauty line, […]

Get to Know More about Veritas Farms

Get to Know More about Veritas Farms

There is much talk about CBD and hemp out there. With a long list of benefits and easier accessibility, hemp and CBD has become much sough-after products. But can you know what’s good and how one brand is different from the next. We have been […]

Nourish the Skin From Within with ODNOVA

Nourish the Skin From Within with ODNOVA

The worlds of health and beauty go hand-in-hand when you are on the journey to wellness. We recently had the chance to test out ODNOVA, a brand that focuses on that products that focus on harmony, balance, and feeling centered.

Using a blend of nutrient-dense botanicals, including medicinal mushrooms and spices as well as phytoplankton, in their quest to change the landscape of the wellness industry for the better. This includes three innovative products, designed to cater to everyone’s individual needs: Glo, Clarity, and Energy. We have been using Glo, a bee pollen formula that is designed to nourish the skin from within thanks. This promotes cell renewal, provides anti-oxidants to the body and supports the body’s natural oxygen usage. And, on a side, note: it is delicious! Just one teaspoon a day is all you need to start the path to renewal. Read on to discover more about ODNOVA from our recent interview:

Interview with ODNOVA

Interview with ODNOVA

Wellness Patterns: How did the idea for Odnova come about?

Odnova: Growing up with a heart condition, finding the right cure was always challenging. Just like 46% of the American population, swallowing pills has always been a challenge for me. Therefore, I created Odnova- the one supplement that provides the body with all the nutrients needed that isn’t in pill form. It is an easy to take supplement that is also delicious and provides micro-nutrients needed on a daily basis.

Wellness Patterns: Why are the blends you focus on so important?

Odnova: From my own personal experiences, I decided to create three blends that are targeted towards a specific function in the mind and body.

17 years ago I struggled with serious depression, having a clear mind and steady mental state was always a challenge, therefore, I created CLARITY. Geared towards brain functionality, CLARITY helps reduce stress, elevates intuitive thinking, increases alertness, and boosts super conductors & neurotransmitters.

GLO was created on the sole purpose of when I moved to Los Angeles, CA, appearance was crucial. I noticed women spent a lot of time and money on improving their skin, and would ask me what I would do to keep my complexion glowing. The one realization I had was your skin was reflective of what you consumed. The ingredients in GLO purify the blood, nourishes the skin, and assists with rebuilding collagen & elastin.

Lastly, ENERGY was shaped because I felt my energy levels depleting and needed a natural source of energy that did not include caffeine. Caffeine has harmful consequences that drain adrenals and overwork the thyroid. Odnova ENERGY is an effective product that provides the body natural and organic nutrients that boost stamina and endurance.

Wellness Patterns: Tell us more about some of the product line?

Odnova: All ODNOVA products are free of gluten, nuts, dairy and sodium while being 100% raw and organic. The core base of ODNOVA is raw honey, but not as you know it. Each of the bee products, (honey, bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly) are derived from family owned bee farms in California. Which are then combined with innovative, nutrient dense botanicals including Phytoplankton, Bee Products, Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogenic Herbs, Medicinal Spices, Superfoods, and Monoatomic Minerals to create science backed formulas.

Wellness Patterns: How are you different from what’s out there?

Odnova: It is all about delivery and Odnova delivers an easy to consume and delicious alternative to pills. Our products have a low glycemic index and 100% of the bioavailable nutrients are delivered directly to the blood stream. From my research it is the only supplement in the market that combines different types of sciences- Nutrigenomic, Human Genome Project, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Quantum Physics.

These products focus on harmonizing the entire body without overstimulating and draining the organism. Our food intake creates an emotional and physical reaction, our sole purpose is to ensure an equilibrium state.

Wellness Patterns: What’s the best way to incorporate Odnova into one’s day-to-day life?

Odnova: The best thing about Odnova Honey is that fact that you can consume it by itself or within a liquid. I recommend having it on an empty stomach at the start of your day with a liquid of your choice- this can include, water, juice, tea, coffee, or smoothies. If you mix Odnova Honey with your juice or smoothie the drink will become more “adaptogenic.” If you mix it with coffee, the coffee will become more alkalizing as opposed to acidic.

It is also possible to have a flat teaspoon of either formula- this will detoxify the blood from any yeast, candida, or any other toxins.

Wellness Patterns: Anything else to add?

Odnova: Our emphasized ingredient is Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis 1, this ingredient Is not used in any other product sold in the United States. The reason this is our main component is because marine phytoplankton contains omega- 3’s and phospholipids, these are essential nutrients that nourish the brain and support proper neurotransmitter production.

Discover more about Odnova here:https://www.goshasorganics.com/odnova

Interview with the Founders of Blume aka Our New Favorite Brand

Interview with the Founders of Blume aka Our New Favorite Brand

I’ve had acne since I was 14. Pimples have always been apart of my life, which has been increasingly depressing as I’ve gotten older where I’ve tried anything to just make them go away. From expensive creams to prescriptions from the dermatologists, nothing really worked. […]

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