About Us

I have been an overproduced for as long as I can remember. A go-getter, hustler, workhorse. Slowly, I’m learning to heal, leaning towards a slower-pace. A pace that honors my body and mind. A space that is about wellness, health, fun, spirit, and community. As I learn, grow, and heal, I will be sharing these tools and resources on Wellness Patterns, a site devised to mature woman who is also on the path to learning, remembering, and celebrating!


Health isn’t all or nothing. There is a lot of in between, figuring out, and just being human that makes health/wellness an-going, never-ending process. Wellness Patterns is your guide to finding resources, products, recipes, and more to help you live your best life, as we are figuring that out ourselves.

Here you’ll find healthy recipes, cookbook reviews, natural beauty reviews, interviews and more–to help you (and us!) figure out the patterns to health and wellness.

Reach out to us at wellnesspatterns@gmail.com. We would love to connect with you!